How to open your spiritual consciousness?

18.12 2019
How to open your spiritual consciousness?

Spiritual consciousness is the fact of being aware of the reason and the purpose of life. It is the ability to transcend above the physical, natural man in order to achieve one's mission on Earth. A spiritually conscious individual is aware that they can listen to their inner heart or themselves.

The ability to listen to their Heart make spiritual individuals able to discern and understand all things even the hidden matters. A spiritual individual has a great sense of peace within their heart and soul and can calm down their feelings and emotions despite a conflict or a trouble.

In contrast, natural or physical man cannot understand anything about spiritual life. In fact, they can easily lose their temper and they find it difficult to be at peace. If they want to transcend about themselves, it is crucial that they wake up their spiritual consciousness. Thus, the objective of this article is to impart readers of the knowledge of the different ways to open spiritual consciousness.

How to open your spiritual consciousness?

Open your spiritual consciousness through "Knowledge"

Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace said that one becomes spiritually conscious through a mediation practice called "Knowledge". Knowledge involves four secret specific techniques, which originated from the teachings of the saints or Masters: 

  • "Light"
  • "Sound"
  •  "Name" or "Word"
  • "Nectar"

Open your spiritual consciousness when you are ready

Since those techniques are secluded; thus, Prem Rawat cautions his disciples "not to reveal these techniques to anyone." Beside this, he said that the only way to open spiritual consciousness is "to let other people go through their own journey... [so that] they, too, can have the techniques when they are ready." This means that anyone can become spiritually conscious when they are ready to receive it.

Open your spiritual consciousness through meditation and yoga

The peace ambassador and other scholars affirm that meditation is key to open spiritual consciousness. There are several meditation techniques, and yoga is one of them. Beginner practitioners need the guidance of a spiritual coach to decide on the suitable techniques to achieve the goal. Once they develop spiritual awareness, they have inner peace and become enlightened.

Open your spiritual consciousness through the divine power

In his dream, King Solomon asked God to give him wisdom, which caused him to be spiritually conscious and be at peace. On the other hand, the apostle Paul reveals to his disciples that you become spiritually conscious when you receive "God's Spirit". In other words, Christianity believes that spiritual awareness is a gift, and only people with God's Spirit inside them can understand all things and live in serenity.

Open your spiritual consciousness through Knowledge from "Words" and "Light"

Scholars, wise men, and religious people all affirm that "Words" and "Light" are among the tools to open spiritual awareness. This means that by paying attention to the wise Words of their spiritual leader and by holding fast to them, an individual can receive “Light”. And when they become enlightened, they can have spiritual consciousness. In short, spiritual consciousness is a gift for anyone who is ready to receive it.