How to work for peace with simple gestures?

How to work for peace with simple gestures?

Prem Rawat said: "Without peace, life will seem empty". Do you have peace of mind? Are you at peace with the world, with your surroundings, and especially with yourself? The present time involves everything which happens to you and to your surroundings, whether it is satisfying or unpleasant. In general, we act according to our instinct and emotion.

In fact, our mood can be easily influenced by our experiences or living conditions, which may incite anger, fear, sadness or excitement. In brief, to enjoy inner peace, it is necessary to know how to control your emotions especially in difficult times.

Discover the ways to effectively attain inner peace

Practice deep breathing

When you feel rather under the weather, unlike how you usually feel, then it is good to try to sit down quietly in a soothing place and relax by simply breathing slowly. Do you know that deep breathing is a natural painkiller? It helps release endorphins, in the same way as fitness exercises do, and improves blood flow.

Taking slow, deep breaths regularly and intentionally can benefit not only your body, but also your spirit. A five-minute slow deep breathing session will help you unwind, and wisely ponder over your current challenges.

Find your inner power

Instead of letting your life completely fall apart, you can afford to manage it, and lead it into a better direction according to your will. To start with, you need to discover your inner power in order to reach your goal; the power dynamics within is the essence of your real life.

Exploring that inner force within you, just like what Prem Rawat did, can help you to rid of negative thoughts, negative emotions and bad moods. Whether you feel under pressure because you will attend a great college, get married, or look for a satisfying job, possessing an inner power and a feeling of self-worth can help you make the best decision and prevent you from being influenced by the others.

Focus on the love of self: be your own cheerleader

Love of self has become a popular conversation topic; however, very few people can define what it is. You should love yourself more. Love yourself to be really loved in turn. Loving of self may seem rather an elusive goal, but you will know it once you feel it. It is an expression of a deep gratitude for the unique weirdness which makes who you are.

Possessing a strong identity, you will be able to manage your emotions and find happiness. To have the necessary mind power which will allow you to put a bet on yourself, it is important to cooperate with your instincts and pay attention to your signals within.

Learn to appreciate: motivate yourself to be happy

As humans, it is necessary to always stay motivated. Life challenges occur smoothly; but a simple way to find the power to defeat them consists of a daily expression of your gratitude for everything which has happened. How many times do you give thanks every day?

It may just consists of saying "thank you" to the salespeople at a store after you bought something there, or thanking your children for tidying up after playing with their toys, or thanking your spouse for the constant love and support. Expressing your gratitude can make a difference in how you see the world.

If you keep giving thanks for everything, you will see that every new day is a present whose wrapping paper needs to be unfolded, and it will be easy for you to enjoy even the smallest things in life.

Easily forgive: why holding a grudge makes us miserable

Holding a grudge against people may somehow mean that you retaliate against them, for what they have done. However, thinking about the past events to hating someone implies you give them an opportunity to hold them in your thoughts, which results in continuously depleting your reserves of energy; that will never lead to inner peace.

Being a lifelong process, forgiveness does not necessarily mean that we are compelled to forget what we have undergone, but that we can move forward and free ourselves of our pains and sufferings.